Some Ways Moms Can Earn Money From Home

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Work From Home Mom

Do You Think You Can’t Work And Earn After Becoming Mom?

Think Again!

There can be many reasons for you to leave your office job once you become a mom, like raising your kids and being able to spend your quality time with them. Also for many moms, it is financially better to stay at home since they won’t have to pay for daycare. But did you know that moms can also earn an income from home by doing work like General Transcription, Writing, or Customer Service. There are so many work from home forums where you can locate one of these work from home jobs. You will need to become a member of such forum, and you can get many jobs of your choice or expertise. In these forums, there will be folders in each field where you can get information on how to get started.

General Transcription – This is one of the easiest home businesses to get started into. The best part of starting General Transcription work is that you don’t need any formal training. The only thing you will need is good listening skill and fast typing skill. In terms of start-up cost, you would need a computer or laptop along with equipment like a foot pedal and noise cancelling headphones. Many companies hire beginners without any prior experience. The most important thing the transcription companies are look for is typing skills. If you can type at least 80 words per minute, you are a good fit! Your earning potential in General Transcription is completely dependent on how fast you can type. The faster you type, the more money you will make.

Writing – Also known as Copywriting, it is one more work at home job opportunity that is very easy to get into. The prerequisite of becoming a good copywriter is excellent English skills. Many freelance websites like Fiverr, Upwork, and Elance are there where you can create your profile and start selling gigs or bid for jobs. The initial few jobs may be little difficult to come, but once you have created some rapport with your clients, then you can expect a lot of work from either or all of these websites. When starting as a copywriter, pick topics in marketing or finance. These are the two topics that many people are looking for and highly profitable as well.

To become a good writer, you will have to learn how to research. How much you want to earn by writing is totally up to you, as the more you write, the more you get paid, and once you develop the skill of writing really good articles, you can always take book writing as the next step.

Customer Service Representative – If your previous job profile was something like Receptionist or you had to talk to customers, then CSR can be a good work from home opportunity for you. The only skill you need to possess is excellent customer service skills. You should be able to understand what exactly a customer needs. Many companies also look or sales experiences in a Customer Service Representative, so if you have any past sales experience, that would be an added advantage for you. In terms of equipment, you would need a telephone (landline or mobile) and headphones with a microphone attachment. Also, many companies do hire work from home moms as employees or independent contractors.

There are so many ways to work from home and start working as a work from home mom if you really want to. In my Free book, I talk about many such opportunities in detail and give you the resources where exactly you need to go.

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